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Missing Soldiers Office to Offer FREE Admission for Women’s History Month

The Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office Museum (CBMSO) will commemorate Women’s History Month in 2020 by offering FREE individual admissions for the entire month of March (this offer does not include admissions for groups larger than 10).

This year Women’s History Month is particularly special, as the nation recognizes the 100th year of women’s suffrage in the United States. After nursing wounded soldiers on the battlefield and helping families of those who were killed during the conflict, Clara Barton secured a legacy as one of the most influential and powerful American women. Barton was an advocate for women’s rights throughout her life, and became a fierce activist for suffrage after the Civil War.

Women's Suffrage banner
Women’s Suffrage banner

The CBMSO is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with the first tour beginning at 11:30 AM and the last tour at 4:30 PM. Tours run on the half hour and are 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length. Donations to the CBMSO are encouraged.

Clara Barton lived in the building that now houses the CBMSO from 1861 until 1868. During her time in the building, she volunteered to assist Union soldiers and gathered supplies before delivering them to the front lines. After the Civil War, she opened the Missing Soldiers Office to find those who were missing due to the conflict. Her office eventually discovered the fate of more than 22,000 missing Union soldiers.

Clara Barton when she lived in Washington, DC c 1863 Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Simultaneously, Barton worked to secure the right to suffrage for American women. She spoke at numerous suffrage conventions and often pointed to the service of women as nurses during the Civil War as reason for earning the right to vote. Barton, along with many of her colleagues in the suffrage movement sought equality, “perfectly equal rights” as Clara Barton herself wrote.

Tours at the Missing Soldiers Office highlight transformation from school teacher to nurse to world famous humanitarian. Celebrate the life and activism of Clara Barton by visiting the Missing Soldiers Office for free during Women’s History Month. Group tours are excluded from this offer.

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